Oct. 23rd, 2012

Emma Roberts Accepts Creative Role for Mobile Shopping App

Emma Roberts for Snapette
Photo Courtesy of Snapette
If you’ve ever dreamed of shopping for luxury fashion items that are actually available in local stores in your area, then Snapette is the app for you. The mobile application is the first location-based shopping tool that allows shoppers to virtually browse images of products available in nearby stores and also upload images of their latest shopping finds to their social networks.

Not only is the app easy and convenient, but one of our favorite young fashionistas has just been appointed to a new creative role within the company. Actress Emma Roberts will lend her style expertise as Snapette’s new Fashion Adviser, contributing to the company’s blog and sharing trends and must-haves through regular snaps and posts. Roberts described the convenience of the app when she said, “Online shopping is great, but I love going out and shopping in person. Snapette helps me browse products, stores and sales around me right on my phone. It’s fun, easy and saves me time in my busy schedule!”
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