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A Very Pregnant Victoria's Secret Model Poses for Allure

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Photo Courtesy of Allure
It seems as though the shocking (but now infamous) Vanity Fair cover photo that a very pregnant Demi Moore made celebrity news for decades ago started a trend that's still going strong today. In the newest issue of Allure, Marisa Miller appears in a series of almost-bare photos where the ready-to-pop Victoria's Secret model shows off her nine-months pregnant belly. In the accompanying article, Miller explains the changes in her body and how she's grown to accept and love them.

Miller isn't the first celebrity to pose nude for a publication. Check out these other moms-to-be who bore it all for the camera...
Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Demi Moore is the pioneer of this trend, who posed heavily pregnant for Vanity Fair in 1991.
Photo Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Britney Spears posed for the cover of Harper's Bazaar's August issue when she was pregnant with her second son, Jayden James, in 2006.
Photo Courtesy of Elle Spain

Spanish actress Paz Vega bore all for the August 2009 issue of Spanish Elle.
Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Brooke Shields posed for Vogue in April 2003.
Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

45-year-old Monica Bellucci posed for the Italian version of Vanity Fair when she was pregnant with her second child in 2010.
Photo Courtesy of W

Supermodel Cindy Crawford got on board with the trend when she posed for W while pregnant with her daughter for the publication's June 1999 cover.
Photo Courtesy of Jane Magazine

Expectant mother Milla Jovovich posed for Jane Magazine in July 2007.
Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Claudia Schieffer posed naked and pregnant on the cover of Vogue Germany's June 2010 issue.
Photo Courtesy of Life & Style

Mariah Carey posed for Life & Style while heavily pregnant with her twins in April 2011.
Photo Courtesy of Elle

Jessica Simspon appeared on the April 2012 cover of Elle Magazine, and only time will tell if she does the same for her second pregnancy.
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6 Comments on this Article

Jen Couture commented on January 8, 2013

Linda and Nonya, You obviously knew what the article was about when you clicked on the site to read it AND look at the picture. If the material is so offesive, then why bother reading the article at all?? Be smart and just dont bother! Seems like some people get so jealous they have a need to criticize others to make themselves feel good

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Linda commented on January 8, 2013

Am I the only one on the planet that's tired of having big, bloated bellies plastered all over the place? Good grief! Women have been having babies forever. What is the big deal? I for one do not think that a big, bloated, fat belly is good looking, attractive or anything remotely resembling sexy. Everyone knows what a pregnant woman looks like. One fat belly is the same as the next. Please just stop with the exhibitionism already.

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Nonya commented on January 5, 2013

wow, 500 murders in chicago last year, millions starve around the world, and we're supposed to be worried about whether american women are sexy when pregnant? pregnant model? how far fallen and how lost the typical self-absorbed shallow and deluded american woman has become.

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Linda commented on January 8, 2013


Lindita commented on January 2, 2013

She looks as a question mark....

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Steff commented on January 2, 2013

It doesn't look good..her back looks so sway..

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