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Armani Shoe Worn by Gaga to be Auctioned in February

Dec. 6th, 2012 | Comments 0 | Make a Comment   
Photo Courtesy of Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga and Armani fans alike have something to look forward to in the new year: a silver platform shoe by the luxury designer will be auctioned at Cornette de Saint Cyr's fifth L'homme et son Univers on February 11. The single shoe, valued between $5,193 and $6,491, was briefly worn by Gaga at a Paris concert in 2010 before she threw it into the crowd. It will be auctioned alongside a Maddest Hatter Los Angeles black felt fedora that was made for Michael Jackson in 1984, a writing set owned by Marilyn Monroe, and an Herm?s Birkin bag that once belonged to Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre.
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