Sep. 4th, 2013

2013's Model of the Year: The World is Coming Up Kate

kate upton, sports illustrated
Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated
While we’ve been totally obsessed with Kate Upton this year, it seems like we’re not alone. Sports Illustrated has just named Kate Upton as 2013’s Model of the Year, a coveted title about to be accepted by a woman that was thought to be too curvy for the business. Gracing the cover of their swimsuit edition not one, but two years in a row, she’s showing the world she’s got some staying power and now she is winning the awards prove it. Posing for the cover of Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Vanity Fair this year (not to mention numerous international titles) has skyrocketed her to supermodel status, no doubt helping her win her shiny new award.
kate upton, vanity fair
Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

America has been in love with the beauty, who has tactfully defended her unconventional size throughout the year. She’s been seen everywhere for the past few seasons (not that we’re complaining) and we doubt she’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Upton will snag her glamorous award tomorrow at the Style Awards in New York City, kicking off Fashion Week and the release of her October Vanity Fair cover issue.
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