Miley Cyrus Is Pregnant—And 5 Other Celebrity Pregnancy Rumors That Were Totally Untrue

Miley Cyrus Pregnant

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This always happens in Hollywood. Someone has a loose tee, a big bag, or announces they’re engaged and BAM—baby rumors. And it’s to be expected, celebrities are the new American royalty and if there’s going to be a new Suri Crusie or Apple Martin, we need to hear about it! But with rumors flying around Miley Cyrus’ alleged pregnancy we can’t help but wonder if it’s all a ruse. The singer was said to have made an announcement during the BET Hip Hop Awards that she was pregnant with rapper Juicy J’s child. Then tweeted “waking up to the news that I’m now pregnant with @therealjuicyj baby” this morning before replying to a friend that she’ll name it “Juicy J Jr. DUH.” All of this fresh from her viral tongue-wagging-booty-twerking VMA performance—and a new album that’s dropping in four days. Interesting Miley, very interesting...

And while most people are happy to give in to rumors about media darlings like Jennifer Aniston, we have to admit, we’re pretty sure Miley is just pulling a publicity stunt. So in the hopes the whispers are totally untrue, here are a few other celebrities who had the media crawling all over their pregnancies until they found out—oops, they weren’t.
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston: OK, I confess that if Jen was ever actually pregnant I'd probably flip out and throw her a baby shower. But how many times have we seen her “baby bump?" Never. Since rumors about her have been flying basically every year since she left Friends, the most recent of which were just this month, it’s hard to believe these allegations will ever be true—but one can hope. Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian: It’s no secret that Khloe wants to have children, but with her rumored divorce, the frenzy over Kim’s recent pregnancy, and Kourtney being on her third child, she might feel a little left behind. And the tabloids sure aren’t helping with the constant back and forth on whether she’s pregnant or not that month. At least if she had a child she most likely wouldn't name it something as ridiculous as North West. Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson: She announced she was eloping, and suddenly everyone thought she was pregnant. That’s not the only reason to elope, is it? It couldn’t be because the two want to be alone, could it? No way. The singer quickly squashed the rumors that were flying around this August by making a quick and almost stern tweet, "FYI...Brandon & I are getting married & no I am not pregnant. We are eloping for one reason only. We both want an intimate ceremony." You tell them, Kelly. Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez: People assume if you were once a Disney kid, you’re bound to go bad. It’s not like Lindsey Lohan or Miley Cyrus are setting the bar particularly high. But missing a Twitter chat due to a mysteriously illness sent the web into a twitter—literally. Fans began tweeting left and right that the young singer was pregnant. She told Now Magazine “'I laughed. There is nothing you can do, you just have to blow them off.”Snooki
Snooki: Yes, we now know that she really was pregnant. But I mean, come on—how could we not assume this was a media stunt? People seemed to either agree that it was a surprise she hadn't been knocked up earlier, or she just needed more attention. To be quite honest I assumed the latter. Either way, we'll keep an eye on Miley, just in case...

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