iD Magazine Celebrates 33 Years in Fashion With Star-Studded Video

iD Magazine

Photo Courtesy of iD Magazine

I-D Magazine has been showcasing fashion for over 33 years and to celebrate the relaunch of the accompanying digital edition, the magazine has pulled together a wealth of talent for a short promo video. Featuring modern day supermodels and titles from past issues, the video gives little vignettes of model moments.

An alphabetical ode to fashion over the years, a gorgeous model represents both a letter of the alphabet and a caption. The most notable is probably Miranda Kerr's representation of the letter "B" for "Babewatch," in this case wearing a very tiny string Chanel bikini that is best described as a set of pasties with ties. Even more remarkable is that the barely there Chanel top has become iconic enough for other models to want to wear it, which is exactly what Cara Delevingne does in a behind-the-scenes shot.


The video is entitled "Wink" and every model does give a wink, which is occasionally accompanied by a stuck out tongue, à la Miley Cyrus. Some models don't actually wink, but give a version of the movement, by using a hand or prop to cover one eye, making it hard to tell if it is a work-around for being physically unable to wink or just a more creative approach to the gesture.

Carly Zinderman

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