Jul. 1st, 2014

Jimmy Choo Finally Releases Kit Harington's Sexually Smoldering MAN Campaign

kit harington for jimmy choo
Photos Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

This is where we would normally insert our obligatory “winter is coming” joke, but with Kit Harington looking so serious it hardly seems the time or the place. Starring in the new Jimmy Choo campaign (that we’ve been waiting for since March), Harington’s new videos and ads premiered today making women the world over swoon at the smoldering stares and raw sexuality of the British heartthrob. While the commercials were roughly a minute and 30 seconds of Harington brooding in the living room, brooding by the pool, brooding with a model and brooding while staring into the Los Angeles skyline, we didn’t even care because he looked so damn good while doing it.

Fronting the Jimmy Choo men’s A/W 14 collection, MAN fragrance and Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunglasses, Harington has quite a lot on his plate, but looks like he’s handling it with the ease of a modeling vet. Shot by Peter Lindberg, the shoot takes place near a pool which, regrettably, Harington never jumps into—but thankfully he looks almost as good in a suit as he does shirtless—almost.

kit harington for jimmy choo
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