Courvoisier Erte Collection Re-releases Cognac for $10,000

Food & Spirits: For those who appreciate a fine cognac, you may have heard a thing or two about the Erte Collection from Courvoisier, which was first released back in the early 90s. However, getting your hands on one of the extremely rare collectables might have proved to be a challenging fete. Until now, that is.

The remaining bottles within the Courvoisier Erte Collection are now being re-released just in time for the holiday season. Once these last bottles have been sold, there will not be anymore released, making the Courvoisier Erte Collection one of those rare treasures that will no doubt appreciate in value in the coming years.

The Master of Art Deco, Erté, was commissioned by Courvoisier to design the collection more than 20 years ago. The unprecedented collaboration between the Russian-born artist and the House of Cognac makes this one-of-a-kind set truly a unique collectible.

The Courvoisier Erte Collection includes seven bottles, each with different illustrations designed to represent the steps in the cognac making process. The beautifully designed decanters house a special blend of Grande Champagne; the oldest dating back to 1892, which just happens to be the year of Erte’s birth. The remaining sets are priced at $10,000 apiece or $1,450 per individual bottle. There are a very limited number of bottles available worldwide and only eight sets have made their way to the U.S. market.

Whether it’s for the fine spirit aficionado in your life or for yourself, the Courvoisier Erte Collection is an exceptional collector’s item guaranteed to appreciate over time. This truly is a gift that keeps on giving. The collection is available online or by calling 1-877-SPIRITS.

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