American Apparel CEO Dov Charney

Fashion & Style: Dov Charney is the controversial and polarizing CEO and founder of American Apparel. Despite numerous accusations of sexual harassment and a lawsuit brought by Woody Allen, Charney has managed to become a leading man in fashion, and has been given the following honors:

  • Man of the Year by Fashion Industry Guild
  • Man of the Year by Apparel Magazine
  • 2008 Retailer of the Year
  • 2008 Label of the Year by The Guardian
  • 2005 Marketing Excellence Award in the LA Fashion Awards

  • Born in Montreal Canada, Charney has often noted his fascination with the similarities and differences between Canada and America. He was educated in his early years in Canada and attended a private school in Connecticut for twelfth grade before attending, but not graduating, Tufts University. Charney often credits his time at Tufts for helping him make connections and eventually ending up in South Carolina where he learned all about T-shirt production before moving his set up to downtown Los Angeles.

    Charney is often noted for his commendable and unique business practices. American Apparel is fully committed to its Made in America label, "Knitting, dyeing, sewing, photography, marketing distribution and design all happen in our Los Angeles facilities."

    Carly Zinderman

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