The Sartorialist Learns About Curves the Hard Way

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"Curvy" is a term tossed around a lot now a days - used to describe everyone from plus-sized women without a defined waist to those with va-va voom bodies of all sizes.

But The Sartorialist fashion blogger has just learned a tough lesson about the term curvy, when he used the term to describe his larger-than-usual subject.

Sartorialist Scott Schuman posted two photos of fellow fashion blogger Angelica Ardasheva on his site with his usual brief caption about his subject. In Angelica's, he mentioned that he, "loved that she's a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre."

His statement quickly drew comments, with women apparently taking offense at Angelica being labeled curvy. In reply, Scott wrote:

"Remember, curvy is a body shape, not a weight. To be honest, you can't really see in these photographs most of the curves - chest, stomach, hip - this woman has."

"I get emails all the time from self-professed curvy girls who want to see representations of their size on the site. What sucks is that when I try to put a photograph up to talk about these issues, the post is hijacked over the political correctness of the words."

"So help me understand; what is the modern way to speak about size? I'm not married to the word curvy. I'm just trying to describe her in the best way I know how. Let's not hide from this issue; I don't want to be afraid to talk about it on my blog. Help me describe this young lady without using the word 'normal,' but in a way that addresses her body size and still references my point about the size of her legs relative to her shoes."

"Last week I did a post of older women every day and I was proud of that. I am proud to be a blog that is showing women of different sizes. I want to not be losing the potential power of the post by being caught up in wordplay."

The Cut notes that Angelica didn't mind being called curvy, would you?

Via NY Mag's The Cut

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