Ross Menuez Expands His Salvor Projects Empire

For a fashion designer who started his textile career with silkscreened t-shirts in a basement, Ross Menuez has come a long way. The creative force behind Salvor Projects has expanded his witty graphic sensibilities into a popular brand of home furnishings, decorations and street-smart apparel, which is now sold by cult-clever retailers around the world.

A former metal worker and product designer, Menuez’s freewheeling business approach has recently reached a new milestone with the opening of the first Salvor Projects store—and with it a new era of interaction and expansion for this artistic chameleon’s multi-faceted vision.

Inspired by the successful immersion of the brand’s Ecco Domani presentation last year, Menuez decided to create "a portal into our domain and also a safe place for us to try out more experimental techniques and new ideas." The result is as unique as the brand it houses. The store itself is decidedly austere, simplified by a gray palette that puts the emphasis directly on the one of-a-kind screen prints and clothing that adorn the space.

Nearby, the brand’s studio — which is now a fully functioning atelier — provides in-house manufacturing opportunities as well as continuing resources for the label’s creative minds. Menuez’s vision doesn’t end with this brick-and-mortar establishment either.

He already has his eye on a massive empty compound in New York, where he hopes to eventually set up everything from production and printing floors to a restaurant, school and common space for exhibitions — not to mention a residency program for visiting textile designers from around the world.

"The driving motivation to envision and build the shop was to finally make the sum greater than the parts," explains Menuez. And it sounds like this is just the beginning.

Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell is a global fashion and style expert. A former model agent in New York and London, a founder of, the online lifestyle concept store, Jason is currently the editor-in-chief of the JC Report,, an online fashion magazine that publishes need-to-know, daily fashion lifestyle trends from style epicenters across the globe. Jason also work as a wardrobe co...(Read More)

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