Sexy Stockings and Garter Belts by Cervin Paris

Photo Courtesy of Cervin Paris
Simply put, there is something about a pair of stockings being held up tightly by the straps on a garter belt that is outrageously sexy. For opulent beauty, I turn to the authentic French made Cervin name. The exceptional quality, make Cervin desired by royalty and celebrities from around the world with their savoir-faire in the stocking industry.

Your legs instantly become smooth and tight, visually and by touch. Wearing the belt and stockings is sexy, yet still very much a glamorous lady-like thing to do. Whether others know you are wearing them or not, your confidence will radiate, your captivating aura will emanate, and the flirtatious grin on your face will leave people guessing what is it all about.

Along with one of my recent trips to Paris, came the invitation to an underground "Swing Time" party hosted by Cervin. In a tribute to the music associated with the liberation of France, Cervin dedicated a line of stockings named "Swing Time" with classic design details from that era.

Arriving late in the evening after being at a fashion trade show, Isabella cracks the door open a bit and I ask if I am even at the right address, as the building seemed dark and quiet - not what I expected for a party. Realizing I had the invite, she led me down the staircase to all the action.

The party was Parisian style, aka pretty people, lavish libations, and majestic music from the dueling pianos. Jazz blared, boogie-woogie style, as I walked the room, Champagne in hand, with owner Serge Massal for a tour and short education on his distinguished brand.

Truly the authoritative symbol of fine luxury stockings, Cervin has gone through lengthy measures to hold that title. Victoria is of no threat to Cervin, who searched far and wide for the rare machine to recreate the original seamed, fully-fashioned stocking. "After unceasing hunting across the continents, and two years of laborious restoration, these almost extinct machines were located and from them were created unique stockings, the finest in the world in terms of both quality and texture," explains Massal in his prefect French accent. Family owned since 1918, it was this Massal who had the desire to bring back the genuine original line and production process.

So what makes Cervin stockings stand out in a class of their own? Let me count the ways. It’s the hand-sewn back seam, their exclusive weaving techniques, and the fully-fashioned line with a retro look. Furthermore, they make the thinnest pair of stockings you can find which comes with the recommended use of their gloves to aid in slipping into them without tearing the delicate hosiery.

Cervin is the only known company to offer the service of made-to-measure stockings preferred by their elite and prestigious international clientele. For the rest of us, the extensive retail product line includes stockings made of nylon, the extremely rare 100 percent silk, and the ever-so-soft cashmere.

They come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, including the seamless, stretch tights, hold-ups and the above mentioned seamed fully-fashioned. From fishnet to lace and embroidered tulle, to details such as crystal handcuff embellishment, Cervin makes the most stunningly noticeable item you'll wear.

Wearing a garter belt prompts you to expose that vixen inside of you. You end up wanting to flaunt your femininity, instantly becoming seductive and revealing a different side of you. Cervin’s reputation for garter belts is considered the best for women who want to harness a "real" garter belt.

Classic in look, style and functionality, the Rivoli suspender belt holds it all in place with six straps. Personally, I prefer the corset type garter Pompadour, styled with satin, tulle Lycra and crystal button. The tight fit with classic hook fasteners and soft ribs gave me better posture and enhanced womanly curves.

End your quest for ways to look and feel more sensual by wearing the time-honored stocking and garter belt. With chic femininity Cervin is known to produce, the French have once again mastered another luxurious item to add to your list of desires. As for myself, I now have an array of Cervin from my Swing Time evening to sample. Mr. Massal, my husband thanks you. Visit to see more.

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