Cartier Tiaras: The Ultimate Royal Accessory

Photo Courtesy of Cartier
Cartier Tiaras have a heavy history of glitz and glam, most recently sitting atop the royal head of Catherine Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge, at the most anticipated wedding of the century. Before elegant Kate, Cartier tiaras graced the heads of many royal personages and celebrities alike.

Cartier, "Jeweler of Kings" first began designing tiaras fit for royalty at the beginning of the 20th century. Platinum metal combined with precious gemstones have ensured that the tiaras last through the ages, and are always delicate and beautiful, never ostentatious.

The platinum makes the royal headwear light and wearable, with a shine and sparkle meant to last through the ages, and have been donned by European queens as well as VIPs like Barbara Hutton, an heiress whose Art Deco designed tiara doubles as a necklace. Pretty and practical, who would have thought it a tiara?

The 1936 Halo tiara, worn by Catherine Middleton at her marriage to Prince William, has renewed interest in the legacy of Cartier tiaras. Kate's tiara was loaned to her from Queen Elizabeth, who received it as a gift. The Halo tiara has also been worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Princess Anne.

Famous people who have worn Cartier tiaras include legendary actress Grace Kelly, when she became Princess Grace by marrying into the royal family of Monaco. Noted jewelry collector Elizabeth Taylor received a Cartier diamond tiara from her third husband, Mike Todd, before he passed away. More beautiful tiaras and information can be found at Rouge.Cartier.US.

Head ornament for the Maharajah of Kapurthala
19 Emeralds
Central Hexagonal Emerald Weighs 117.40 Carats
18 Other Emeralds Weigh 254.84 Carats
Foliate tiara for Elisabeth, Queen of the Belgians
Platinum millegrain setting of old-cut diamonds and a cushion-cut diamond
Kokochnik tiara for the Grand Duchess Vladimir, Maria Pavlovna of Russia
Sapphire and diamond tiara with a cusion-cut sapphire weighing 137.20 carats surrounded by six sapphire cabochons totaling 102.16 carats
Tiara for Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain
Platinum setting studded with diamonds and adorned with seven pearls

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