Ermenegildo Zegna Adds Virtual Fitting Room to Website

Luxury men?s clothier Ermenegildo Zegna recently upgraded its online store by adding the Virtual Fitting Room. The bio-robotic virtual fitting room enables a customer to view how the clothes would fit their body by seeing the garment on a robotic mannequin that mimics body shape.

Park & Bond, an online retailer of men?s luxury clothes, which is owned by the Gilt Groupe, was the first U.S.-based company to use the Virtual Fitting Room last August. "We are thrilled to have Zegna join as one of retailers," says Heikki Haldre, CEO and co-founder of Virtual Fitting Room. "People shopping the luxury brand will now experience the ultimate luxury ? finding the perfect fit."

The company also reported that several prominent retailers, in Britain and Germany, have reported an increase in sales and reductions in returns since adding the shape-shifting mannequins to their websites.

"FitBot mannequins achieve a close to perfect fit, solving the single biggest problem for online fashion retail ? the lack of a fitting room," said Haldre, in an interview with Internet Retailer. "Retailers already utilizing technology have noticed an increase in sales and a drop in return rates."

With my curiosity piqued, I wanted to see how the volumetric "shape-shifter" would size me up. I tried it out on three separate websites, including Each time I entered my body measurements, I received a popup message that informed me that my measurements were "out of range" and to "please check my measurements." On that same message, it also indicated that more body variations would be available soon. It worked perfectly when I fibbed and added several inches to my waist. While the revolution remains a work in progress, it would appear that the summit is attainable. Visit to learn more about how the technology works. 

James Rothaar

James has written content for and other leading online luxury lifestyle magazines. Rothaar previously served as the senior-tenured staff writer for JustLuxe, having worked with the digital magazine since 2005. He resides in Jacksonville, Florida, and works as an independent marketing consultant and freelance writer and copywriter. He is the co-owner of Wild Owl Digital, a boutique mar...(Read More)

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