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Marc Jacobs' Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Stolen

Nov. 22nd, 2011 | Comments 0 | Make a Comment   
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Somebody call the fashion police! We donít need to report bad fashion however, but stolen fashion. Samples from Marc Jacobsí spring/summer 2012 collection were lifted on Mount Street in London where his team was getting ready to hold a press day, according to Womenís Wear Daily.

The luxury clothing brandís PR put out a press release last week that read: "Dear all, The Marc Jacobs PR team is sorry to inform you that our press day tomorrow [November 17] in the Marc Jacobs store [in London] is cancelled, due to the theft of the spring/summer 2012 collections during its transfer from Paris."

WWD also reports that it was not the entire collection that was taken ó as was previously reported ó just some accessories and ready-to-wear items. The collection, which walked the runway in New York Fashion Week in September, has yet to go into production, leaving the stolen garments virtually worthless, according to The Daily Mail. So come the speculations that whoever did take the pieces intends to duplicate them, because attempting to sell them on the black market would bring about too much suspicion.

It remains to be seen what will be done about the situation, but one thingís for sure, British fashion editors have certainly missed out, as will the public potentially, as European editorial coverage of the collection will likely be minimal in the absence of the thieved items, as reported by The Daily Mail.
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