UV Protection Fit For The Gods

The Diplomat I

Photo Courtesy of Maybach Eyewear
If you are like me, and lose keys, socks, and luxury watches like you were getting paid, then this item probably isn’t for you; especially if you are addicted to shiny, expensive things and have the funds to indulge those addictions.Maybach Eyewear is introducing a Limited Gold Edition line of- yes, you guessed it, golden sunglasses. Even if you are one of the lucky few who never loses a thing, it would still be a wise investment to have your made to order pair of 18K gold sunglasses permanently welded onto your person.

The company has been manufacturing luxury eyewear since 2010, but this time they may be overdoing it. Though a mere two year reign makes Maybach a veritable eyewear infant, don’t let that cloud your judgment, the handcrafting technique is based on “decades of experience” and is far from innocent. The focus is on making each frame a unique and golden work of art as if touched by Midas himself.
The Diplomat I
These accessories are snazzy—bordering on overkill—and there is something savage about the whole thing. Perhaps it is the fact that many of the products were handcrafted from “natural buffalo horn”. Assuming that those unfortunate buffalo survived the whole their-horns- being- pilfered-ordeal, they are now hornless, and probably mercilessly bullied by their superior-feeling and horned peers.
Buffalo aside though, the names of the fancy spectacles are very aristocratic and only inspire feelings of hostility in those of us without the force of mind and wallet to possess those pretty, golden shades. What did they expect, choosing names like "The Duke" and "The Monarch"? All of the lenses are polarized and equipped with 100 percent UV protection from the Hephaestus of lenses himself, Carl Zeiss. Be careful though, these ornaments are not for the faint of heart, they are for the few people in the world willing to spend upwards of $1550 and really able to pull off golden sunglasses without looking like a pompous gentleperson.

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