Sophia Graydon Brings Style Back To Sleepwear

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Graydon
Wearing sleepwear as outerwear has been a major runway hit this past season, but when it actually comes to dressing for the bedroom, many of us throw luxury fashion out the window and resort to oversized t-shirts or worn out garments. Monica Nassif, founder of Sophia Graydon, discovered that when searching for a pair of luxury pajamas, there were none to be found. Style isn’t something that you should be able to take off once you go to sleep, and Nassif’s goal became to create the most luxurious, elegant and beautifully made lounge and sleepwear to bring style and elegance back into the bedroom.

Nassif was born into a family of seamstresses, and while those skills left her long ago, she still has a strong appreciation for truly sumptuous fabric that is expertly sewn to construct a lovely finished product with a flattering fit. After retiring from a successful career founding home goods companies like Caldrea and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Nassif became frustrated by the lack of well-made sleepwear and loungewear available.

“When I finally had time to relax, it was impossible to find elegant and comfortable sleepwear. In my search I learned I had three choices: frumpy flannel nightgowns, tart wear that was not made for lounging, or my own personal fallback, broken-in athletic wear,” recalled the Sophia Graydon founder. “I quickly realized my retirement was over. I had to create a line that perfects the art of leisure through beautiful pieces that don’t sacrifice style, quality or comfort,” continued Nassif.
All fabrics of this alluring collection are carefully selected and sourced from Europe, therefore providing a finished product with unparalleled quality. This glamorous collection features intricate design details such as deep hems, petite French seams, tuxedo striping and menswear-inspired cuffs. There are a variety of different signature shapes including a pajama top and pant, camisole, boxer short and robe ensuring that the wearer is donned in something that is both flattering and functional.

Prices for these luxury garments range from $175 to $3,950.

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