Jan. 7th, 2013

Dapper Makes a Comeback Thanks to Blake Green Cufflinks

Photo Courtesy of Blake Green
Calling all spruce and dapper gentlemen looking for some old world glamour in this hectic, modern age: luxury brand Blake Green has come out with radiant and regal cufflinks that bring to mind lavish balls and extravagant soirťes. While menís fashion is far less opulent than it was a few centuries ago, Blake Green feels that the proper placement of some well-fashioned jewels can turn an ordinary outfit into something truly extraordinary.

Based out of New York, Blake Green believes in using only the finest techniques in the craftsmanship of his creations. Combining three generations of jewelry experience to his dazzling products, each piece is handmade start to finish in New York City with extreme attention to detail and quality. With an exquisite eye for design, these jeweled and colorful cufflinks manage to maintain a sophisticated appeal through their classic styles and decorative fixed backs. Utilizing solid gold and silver, each cufflink is tested for perfect placement on the cuff so that the wearer can avoid annoying spinning or twisting.

For the cosmopolitan man that boasts a style all his own, Blake Green also expertly creates bespoke pieces. These customized cufflinks give the proud owner a piece that is truly unique and representative of his own individual sense of style and spirit.

Simply donning your tailored suit and dress shoes can only take you so farĖ if you are looking to exude masculine sophistication and class, then these charming Blake Green cufflinks are capable of tying together an otherwise unfinished look. With a current product line that ranges from $250 up to $1,625, Blake Green has sleek and chic styles sure to satisfy any taste.
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