Men's Guide to Buying a Great Winter Boot

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Men, we know that there a lot of you out there that hear “men’s boots” and immediately picture a pair of Timberlands or Doc Marten’s, but trust us, there is more to winter boots than function alone. Winter boots can be a great alternative and fantastic middle ground to sneakers and dress shoes. Of course, we realize that spending time and energy on shopping for luxury brands is hugely unnecessary in many of your eyes, therefore we have created some easy steps you can take to make both your feet and your wives happy this winter.

While many women are guilty of sacrificing comfort for style (we are admittedly guilty of doing this from time to time) we know that men won't do the same— especially when dealing with a winter boot. Considering that most boots are made to withstand the elements, they are generally tough and have little give, so you want the pair you purchase to be one that will still fit with thick winter socks and that you are willing to practically live in for months of blistering cold. Make sure that you buy the right shoe size, even if this means having to actually enter a store instead of your go-to online shopping site. Also, fit isn’t simply about shoe size. Measure the width of your foot as well because this will play a major role in the comfort factor.

As fashion fanatics, we acknowledge that we fit the mold of your typical, style-obsessed women. We are well aware that there are a variety of different ladies boot styles on the market; however, with that said, we also know that this isn't necessarily the case for men. When purchasing boots, you must first determine your own personal style, as well as what you will be using the boot for. Will this be a wardrobe piece that you will want to wear to different activities and functions? If so, consider leather boots that are versatile and can easily be dressed up or down.

You should also take into consideration the climate you are living in, as this will help determine the type of material you should look for, as well the necessity for tread or traction. Leather is a tougher material, which is why many people who consider comfort their top priority tend to go for suede. So if you are dealing with rain, snow and salt, go with hard leather shoes, as suede is more easily ruined by the elements.
While there may be areas where one can skimp on the quality of fashion items (personally, we have yet to find one,) purchasing winter boots is simply not one of them. Opting for high-quality shoes means that they will be more likely to withstand the harsh elements, and they should also last you for seasons to come.

Once you finally select and purchase your ideal pair of winter boots, the next step is to take care of them. If you live in an area with a lot of rain or snow then make sure you waterproof them. Also, if you’re going to a nice event or a dinner out, make sure that you shine them and that they are in tip-top condition. If you live in wet climates, try to rotate wearing different pairs to ensure that they are not exposed to too much perspiration and have a chance to dry out.

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