Nov. 5th, 2013

30 of the Best Coats and Trends For Your Winter Wardrobe

winter coats
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There’s really nothing like having a good coat to get you through the winter season. As great as the rest of your outfit may be most of the time, that jacket will be the only thing people see—you want it to be phenomenal. And we know you’ve put it off for long enough, trying to squeeze a few warm weekends out with just a light sweater (don’t worry so have we), but you can’t deny it. Winter is upon us and you need a coat—immediately. You could always pull last winter’s coat out of the storage or go back to the faithful solid black, but where’s the fun in that? This season there are so many colors, textures and trends in outerwear you’re going to need to build an extension in that walk-in closet just to hold them all! (Not that we’re complaining.) Click through our slideshow to see several jackets in the best trends of the season.

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