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Stephanie Baechler's Lodonite Collection Blurs the Lines Between Fashion and Art

Stephanie Baechler

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Baechler

While elemental and artistic forms can inspire many designers, Stephanie Baechler has taken her interest in ceramics and fashion more literally than others. Her new Lodonite collection is not only influenced by rocks and gems, but uses an actual mineral glaze to achieve the same effect for her collection that is found in nature. Using the stiff structure of Loden fabric as a base, Baechler then uses these mineral glazes to help transform garments into what can best be described as wearable stones.

Photo Courtesy of severafrahm via Stephanie Baechler

While fashion itself is a 3D art form, the sculptural way that Baechler bends and folds the fabrics seems to take the designer's exploration of tactile design one step further. Like stones that have been cut open to reveal the beauty inside, some garments are left with raw edges, while others are finished to perfection.

Photo Courtesy of severafrahm via Stephanie Baechler

The collection has numerous transitions, many with multiple layers that seem to imitate the natural structure of rocks being built over time. Using these thick fabrics that take on a structure of their own doesn't make these pieces seem especially wearable, except as an exhibit or on the runway, but are beautiful in their reference to the natural world.

Stephanie Baechler
Photo Courtesy of severafrahm via Stephanie Baechler
Photo Courtesy of severafrahm via Stephanie Baechler

Carly Zinderman

Carly Zinderman is a Senior Staff Writer for JustLuxe, based just outside of Los Angeles, CA. Since graduating from Occidental College with a degree in English and Comparative Literary Studies, she has written on a variety of topics for books, magazines and online publications, but loves fashion and style best. In her spare time, when she?s not writing, Carly enjoys watching old movies, reading an...(Read More)

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