Nicholas K RTW Fall 2014: Why We Love This New Post-Apocalyptic Collection

Nicholas K RTW Fall 2014 runway

Photos Courtesy of Nicholas K

We love to kick off New York Fashion Week with a collection we love—something different, unique and totally out of the box. For Nicholas K, his Fall 2014 runway was one of those collections we have a serious love/hate relationship with—like getting caught in the rain—sure it’s romantic, but we’re also soaking wet. His designs were a merge of wearable fashion and superfluous fabrics; black and grey carried a heavy weight on the collection while multiple layers gave it an urban vibe.

Nicholas K RTW Fall 2014 runway

Reportedly “maritime” was the inspiration behind the collection, but aside from chunky rain boots and accessories of knotted rope, it was clearly shifting in another direction. It felt closer to a post-apocalyptic New York—fabric remnants scavenged from the street, heavy layers for protection from the elements and monochromatic black. It was a mess of deconstruction, seemingly shapeless silhouettes and a drab saturation of black—we seriously loved it.

Nicholas K RTW Fall 2014 runway

A mix of both men’s and women’s styling’s came down the runway, but the collection was almost androgynous aside from the few crop tops and deep plunging necklines. With no real structure to speak of, pieces seemed interchangeable between the male and female models, drowning them both in leathers, knits and twill.

Nicholas K RTW Fall 2014 runway

Trends were light handed in the collection; leather was used traditionally in jackets or pants, while crop tops were done in softly draping sweaters or severe under-the-bust cuts. The oversized styling that was so prevalent during Men’s Fashion Week carried over seamlessly to women’s ready-to-wear—and made us tempted to start going through our boyfriend's closets. At the very least we have a whole new wardrobe to wear when the world comes to an end. 

Nicholas K RTW Fall 2014 runwayNicholas K RTW Fall 2014 runway

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