Fendi RTW Fall 2014: A Show of Seasonal Fur and Flying Robots

Fendi RTW Fall 2014

Photos Courtesy of Fendi

Today’s Fendi Fall 2014 collection during Milan Fashion Week brought fur back in full force, adding the material to dresses, shawls, jackets, shirts and bags in a palette of demure winter colors. Black, brown, navy and muted green were prevalent on the runway, clearly dictating the season of the collection. The show was a display of excess: rich tones, furs and luxurious fabrics made models seem like jet-setting heiresses in Karl Lagerfeld’s ultra-fashionable world. 

Fendi RTW Fall 2014

Boxy shapes and fuller cuts give the collection a modern, sporty silhouette without taking away from the beauty of the pieces. Slim cuts and belted waists on some garments allow the feminine figure to be shown, but for the most part, the line consists of looser fitting garments and heavily layered looks that take away from the body's shape, turning the focus towards the clothes—which is great if you’re still in the process of losing those holiday pounds, not so great if you’ve been working your butt off and got into your skinny jeans again. 

Fendi RTW Fall 2014

Since fall and winter are the best times to bring out those ultra-luxurious pieces like fur, leather and velvet, we love that this collection is making the most of the season. Fur mufflers, heavy coats, deep colors and long skirts are pieces we wouldn’t likely make space for year-round, but we’d easily replace everything in our wardrobe when that first chill hits. Especially with pieces as heavy as these—just looking at the runway makes us feel cozy and warm.

Fendi RTW Fall 2014

Most trends in this collection are very passive—revealing themselves in a hint of shape or touch of color rather than screaming to be noticed. Flowers on lapels or sneakers peeking out from beneath heavy skirts show that pieces can be styled up or down—rocked with every on-trend accessory you own or left to their own simplicity. Personally we’d wear it either way, and love that everything is easy enough to work into our own personal style.

Fendi RTW Fall 2014

But the coolest thing about this collection wasn’t on the runway at all—it was floating several feet above it in the form of a flying camera drone. Fendi is generally more synonymous with fur than technology, but this runway show was the first to have flying live-cam robots flittering above the catwalk. Both the main camera and drone camera videos are available online at and even though the quality isn’t top notch, we have to admit it’s still pretty cool.

Fendi RTW Fall 2014Fendi RTW Fall 2014

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