Architectural Style: How Dressing Like Your Favorite Beachside Bungalows Can Improve Your Summer Wardrobe

If you are one of the 50,000 lucky visitors who head to Cape May, New Jersey for a few days at the beach, it’s impossible to not admire the fine architecture and interesting homes that line the streets. Said to be one of the oldest vacation destinations in the United States, the city of Cape May, which lies on the southernmost tip of New Jersey where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, is in its entirety a National Historic Landmark precisely due to this collection of colorful and quirky Victorian homes that date back to the late 1800s.

So what does this have to do with fashion you might ask? Well, if you really start checking out the quirky ensembles of beachgoers while stealthily admiring the details of the pink bed-and-breakfasts, you may begin to realize that the two have a lot in common. Those who appreciate a well decorated home, embellished with beachside eccentricities and bright colors, also love unique clothing that can’t be found elsewhere. If you’re looking for new summer style, you can use the same home whimsicalities you look for when you’re roaming the neighborhood and scoping out the newest décor ideas.

Jenna Intersimone

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