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Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2010: A Dress to Impress

Nov. 27th, 2009 | Comments 0 | Make a Comment   
Fashion & Style: This season, Giorgio Armani has given new life to a time-honored classic. The Spring/Summer 2010 collection features a new line of dresses, each designed to empower today’s modern woman with its contemporary yet classic cut and construction.

Combining a perfect blend of edginess and discipline, each piece embodies an overall aesthetic of eccentric purity derived from Bauhaus, a German approach to the elements of design. The geometric formula of each skirt allows not only adequate movement, but also emphasizes the three-dimensional form of the female body. To highlight the compact shapes of the ensemble, Armani often paired shorts under svelte tunics. The shoulders take on a more prominent, defined shape and are precisely cut at an oblique angle. The linear jackets with overstitched trim were shown in soft neutrals and brilliant hues of grey, blue, green, iris, and low voltage red.

Rich in both color and reference, the collection balances contrast effortlessly with textures of fabric ranging from satin and taffeta to silk and double chiffon. Shorts gathered to imitate skirts, tunic-like wrap dresses, single shoulder shirts with three layers of checkerboard motifs, and models with braces covering the bust were among the other featured styles within the collection. The elegantly embroidered details are just one more added touch, which make these styles ideal for both on and off the runway.

With each piece — including the evening dress — stopping just above the knee, an overall sense of lightness and femininity are well achieved through its unique geometric shape. Add a pair of flat shoes to complement the short ensemble, and you’ve got yourself a look that is perfectly balanced.

The mutant shapes and geometric precision presented in the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2010 collection not only transforms the classic dress, but also achieves a new perspective within the art of design.

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