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t's time to snatch up the latest from Burberry and complete your wardrobe for approaching Spring - you won't be sorry. This season's looks are yet another example of the brand's seemingly effortless eye for design, and both men and women this season won't be able to deny the luxury of their newest pieces, from sleek trousers to lavish leathers to their classic trench.

For Spring 2010, Burberry has done it again, releasing yet another collection of unsurpassed execution in character and elegance. The collection is no disappointment for Burberry fans, with casual but rich textures, alluring pastels for the women, and commanding cuts for the men.

But while the focus of the collection remains on the softer hues of earth tones and spring colors, some of the stand-out pieces include the eye-catching parkas in bright yellow, red and blue, which stand as bold statements when matched with their softer colors.
For men, dark, crisp pants are matched with jackets or sweaters in calm neutrals, but the elegance of Burberry is still overflowing in the collection; beautiful, classic double-breasted coats and rich leather bags for the men, along with their stunning line of timepieces.

For women, the garments retain the focus on soft, supple textures in calm neutral tones. The pieces are fun and hug the frame with draping fabrics in knots and swags. Thin belts and their towering platform heels top off the looks, showing a little, and sometimes a lot, of leg.

The pioneer of the trench coat, Burberry has often been credited with changing the outlook on outerwear, and for the spring, the brand took the classic look and turned it up a notch. The revamped trenches feature the sweet pastels of the season as well as a layered and knotted finish at the hemline, making the coats sexier and flirtier than ever. The name of the game is sleek and simple this spring for Burberry, and the effect is staggering. Slim cuts and an emphasis on the basics let the body shine, creating an overall entirely natural elegance throughout the line.

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