Jul. 30th, 2010

ECC Life & Style: Bespoke Luxury Menswear

Fashion & Style: A well dressed man is hard to resist, especially when he is discerning enough to put the best threads on his chiseled physique. The Renaissance man is on the rise and making statements for all to hear (and see for that matter)!

Choosing from fashion's best clothing fleets require impeccable tastes and a keen eye for decadent trends. The bespoke mens' line of ECC Style provides just that. With each piece tailored to fit as couture architecture, materials such as resin and other eco-luxury fabrics are the order of the day! With comfort and exuberance as the top priority, these fabrics are sure to feel like silk to the skin.

Inspired by London's Savile Row, the designers offer custom hand stitched shirts and 7-fold Neckwear. The more formal suits and tuxedos showcase the Italian style MISURA fit, which includes the French Tipping touch.

Photofinishing, a feature unique to ECC like none other....will take your favorite pictures or images and place them inside blazers and sport coats as a decorative lining.

Such styles can be seen on NBA courtsides. Head Coach, Doc Rivers of the Boston Celtics, was the premier showcase for ECC as he made his way to the basketball finals this past Spring. Jarvis Green of the New England Patriots can be seen in these stellar styles at fundraising charity events and wine tastings.

Tom Thibodeau actively sought out a new look for himself when upgrading his look as part of pursuing professional sports management opportunities. Now, he's the Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls! Indeed, the styles of ECC are worn by the best. More is to come from this fashion house as they rise to the top of the clothier scene.

ECC Style also hosts several luxury lifestyle events as well as private socials each year. Destinations for private showings are slated for Lake Como, Italy and Russia for 2010 Please visit the website to get the lastest news: www.eccstyle.com

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