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Fighting the effects and signs of aging appears to have become somewhat of a global obsession and ultimately for many, a continuous battle. With the beauty, cosmetics and medical industries fueling this ongoing mania by continuously introducing "miracle" remedies alongside "age-defying" products and procedures, it’s hard not to be enticed by all the gimmickry.

But this quest for optimal results comes with a price, and there are often high financial costs as well as potential physical risks such as allergic reactions, infections, uncomfortable healing processes, etc. This need not be the case, however. The key to controlling the inevitability of aging is to stop and/or correct anything that might be contributing unnecessarily to premature signs of time’s passage. Everything from sleep to diet, hydration, computer interface time and sun exposure can play a role in the adverse effects of aging

In this edition of Beauty Guru, we step slightly outside of the realms of traditional anti-aging products to focus on some rather interesting and highly effective alternatives. From the continually evolving worlds of science and technology to some perhaps slightly more unexpected items, the following products are sure to deliver incredible, visible results that will improve with regular and continual use. Even better, everything featured is non-invasive, practical, affordable and can be used conveniently at home (and some even during sleep!).

Furlesse $12.95

Wrinkling or furrowing of the brow area is an unfortunate habit that most often develops at an early age, with the eventual outcome of deep horizontal creases between the eyes. Furlesse is a very simple concept that is not only effective, but also extremely easy to use on this problem area. Simply apply the transparent latex-free patch between your eyes before bedtime. A noticeable improvement is apparent after just one use, but those lines will diminish with regular usage. Waking up looking younger and more refreshed without having any surgery or injections certainly doesn’t get any easier and affordable than this! Furlesse’s simplicity, effectiveness and accessibility in the market make it a revolutionary product.

NuFace by Carol Cole $325

The NuFace is a remarkable device that is not just easy to use, but also provides results that are immediately visible and will improve with regular use. Utilizing advanced micro-current technology, the NuFace machine gently sculpts and tones facial muscles for firmer, more youthful looking skin. Deep lines and wrinkles are virtually diminished, the forehead and brow area are smoothed, cheekbones are contoured and challenging areas such as the jawline and under-eye appear firmer. NuFace also aids in increasing lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and repairing sun damage. And with micro-current treatments having proven success at healing scar tissue, reducing bruising, swelling and fluid retention, NuFace is also ideal for those who opt for procedures like face-lifts, chemical peels, botox, etc. This is by far one of the most outstanding products that we have come across and receives our highest ratings.

Mumbani Fresh Face $24.99

Sleeping flat on one’s back has many practical health benefits and also helps in preventing pronounced facial lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, however, many people do prefer to sleep on their sides or stomachs and therefore eventually develop deep vertical lines on the face. The Mumbani Fresh Face pillow was specifically designed to protect the forehead area during sleep, reducing the overall pressure applied to the face and therefore helping to prevent the development of further lines and wrinkles. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, the soft cushion design is light and compact as well as ideal for restful sleep during air travel. Cleverly designed, convenient and extremely affordable, the Mumbani is one of our personal favorites.

PaloVia $499

At the forefront of the medical industry for several decades, laser technology has proven to be very effective for reducing lines and wrinkles. Until recently, however, such treatments were exclusively available at a doctor’s office or medical spas — not to mention, very costly. Thankfully, the scientists and researches at Palomar Medical Technologies have created the PaloVia, which utilizes the same laser technology used by doctors in medical spas and clinics. While creams and lotions only penetrate the top layer of skin or epidermis, the PaloVia’s fractional laser technology penetrates deeper into the skin tissue or dermis to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin, which ultimately results in smoother, plumper looking skin with a youthful glow. This is an effective, practical and painless solution for seemingly inescapable wrinkles like crow’s feet — and it can now be done in the comfort and privacy of one’s home. The results are also extremely natural looking. Well done PaloVia!

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