Kim Kardashian & Rooney Mara Bring Back Sexy Bangs
Celebrity Hair Styles

Hair trends in Hollywood come and go like the wind. One minute long, flowing extensions are in and the next thing you know starlets are chopping it all off and sporting chic bobs. Celebrity hairstyles are hard to keep up with, but always good for inspiration. Right now, the biggest names in Hollywood are daring to revive bangs. Kim Kardashian's bangs accentuate her sultry features, while Rooney Mara sweeps her bangs to the side for a more sophisticated look. Heidi Klum, Reese Witherspoon, Lea Michele and more have all changed up their style with bangs in all different shapes.

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Rooney Mara
Lea Michele
Reese Witherspoon
Heidi Klum
Demi Lovato


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