Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Keep Her Feeling Fabulous

Photo Courtesy of Marco Polo Designs
This Mother’s Day, forego the typical flower arrangement and played out perfume and think outside of the proverbial chocolate box. Instead, give Mom a gift that will help her relax, beautify, connect and indulge in a few novel ways that’ll make her appreciate your “next level” effort and intuition. Here’s an assortment of gift worthy gear to consider in your annual plight to make Mom proud:

Marco Polo Designs' Champagne Collection Art-Glass Jewelry - $72-$345

This Mother’s Day, the stunning Champagne Collection by art-glass jewelry designer Marco Polo Designs is a stylish way to “raise a glass” to mom! Exquisite Murano glass beads infused with precious white gold foil and glittering points of “avventurina” copper dust make this collection truly sparkle like a glass of bubbly. The result is spectacular designs and artistic complexity in every bead. The sophisticated Champagne color palette ranges from muted topaz through sparkling clear crystal to warm multi-toned peach, rose and hints of celery green. The Champagne Collection duly complements the season’s hottest trends: oranges and tangerines; pink and blush short suits; feminine pastels; bold metallics; and flirty peplum skirts, shirts, and dresses.
About Face Product

Wrinkle Prevention Pillow - $99

Give mom a way to avoid those wrinkles or furrowed brows by gifting her with the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow. It features an ergonomically contoured center that makes sleeping on your back more natural and comfortable as it supports the head, neck, and spine with an exclusive memory foam. The patented design lifts and cradles your head so that permanent lines and wrinkles don’t develop on the face, neck and chest during sleep. The pillow also helps prevent puffy eyes by slightly elevating the head, which prevents fluid from pooling under the eyes during the night. With approval from leading Beverly Hills skincare experts, your mom is also sure to give it a rave review. The lavish pillow is encased in a 100% well-appointed cotton fabric to keep the pillow clean when washing the case. It comes in four soothing colors, including ivory, dusty rose, chocolate and purple.

KeratinPerfect Essentials Kit - $95

This is a must-have gift for those moms constantly trying to tame unruly hair! The KeratinPerfect Essentials Kit is a 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System that changes the way hair looks, feels, and behaves. And, she’ll also avoid inconvenient trips to the salon. This breakthrough at-home approach makes blow drying and styling far easier for mom by replacing frizz and curl with smooth, soft and shiny hair that lasts. The KeratinPerfect Essentials Collection will take her from treatment to post-treatment by including the additional at-home products that can be used daily to maintain the results. This killer kit includes enough products for two full treatments, as well as a travel-sized PerfectCleanse Shampoo, PerfectSilk Conditioner, and PerfectRenew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray that will enhance the results and longevity of the smoothing treatment.
Farouk Systems

CHI Magnified Volume Hair Iron - $150

For those gals who strive to give their fine or thin hair some va-va-VOOM, the CHI Magnified Volume Hair Iron will deliver in spades. This versatile, “all-in-one” iron has curved plates to create silky shiny hair with instant volume. The exclusive Farouk Systems ceramic compound produces moist heat for consistent temperatures and deeper heat penetration. It has been proven to improve moisture and shine while eliminating static and frizz. The outer ridges opposite the plates keep hair smooth and separated for flicks and creating barrel curls. For even more voluminous results, cleanse the hair prior to styling with the CHI Magnified Volume Shampoo and Conditioner that comes with every purchase of the volume iron. Be sure to direct Mom to the company’s web site to see quick reference video demonstrations of this innovative iron so she can benefit from maximum results.
Farouk Systems

CHI Orbit 1" Curling Iron - $119.95

Another tool to help mom fend off frizz and give her hair a professionally styled look is the CHI Orbit 1" Curler. This advanced and salon-quality curling iron model uses ionic technology, which helps to reduce frizz and static electricity while creating instant glossy curls. This curling iron is chock full of features, including aceramic barrel and heater for big curls and waves, infrared that penetrates hair from the inside out, negative ions that create moisture and shine, a versatile “all-in-one” ergonomic design, flash quick heating, and a swivel cord. Mom will love to have this on-hand for traveling or to use at home when she can’t make it to the salon for a star-quality style.
The Leakey Collection

Marula Oil from The Leakey Collection - $78

Share the secret of Marula oil with mom this Mother's Day and watch her skin glow and be replenished, helping melt those fine lines and soften those wrinkles. For centuries, African women have been putting Marula oil to work on their skin with incredible results. That's because Marula oil has 16% more antioxidants and Omega 9 than argan or grape seed oil, providing better absorpotion, longer-lasting hydration, and superior protection against damaging free radicals. Its anti-microbial properties make it appropriate for all skin types while its natural healing powers reduce inflammation and redness. Purchasing the Leakey Collection of products means that you are helping rural women provide for their families as it provides a sustainable source of income.

Luscious Lips Lip Pump Plumper - $59.95

Lip enhancement is among today’s most in-demand cosmetic procedures. But Mom need not make schedule-and-budget-busting visits to a doctor or succumb to painful needles to get full, pouty, voluptuous lips. A pump-based product called Luscious Lips can dramatically increase mom’s lip size naturally while also enhancing her mouth by plumping up small lines that commonly border women’s lips. After using the Luscious Lips pump, she’ll be thrilled that her lips look smoother and fuller. And, you can feel good that you are giving mom a product that does not contain any harmful chemicals – and may even help her avoid them should she choose to forego invasive intervention. Also notable is that mom can use this at home and there is no risk of lumps, bumps, or lop-sidedness. With this pucker purveyor, the result is simple and effective: full, pouty lips she’ll love.

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