Enter Pronoun Brings New Gender Neutral Makeup Line

Photo Courtesy of Enter Pronoun
Makeup is generally advertised towards women but there's nothing stopping men from using it, and makeup artist Natalie Ramirez is taking advantage of that advertorial slight with her new co-ed brand Enter Pronoun. According to the brand, they are the first makeup line in existence that is completely gender and sex neutral, allowing men and women to express themselves in whatever ways they want.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Ramirez broke into the makeup industry when she was only 19 by working for Laura Mercier. Since, she has worked in LA as a makeup artist and studied in Paris under the tutelage of many different artists. In 2011, after she moved to New York, she was asked to be US Editorial Director of Lash Magazine, a position she still holds today. Throughout her life Ramirez had been attracted to androgynous style and it was ultimately the inspiration behind her desire to craft her own brand, which she successfully did in June 2012.
Designed for everyday wear, Enter Pronoun reflects Ramirez's attraction to ambiguity and nonconformity, and strives to be a brand that can help people to reclaim their identities. With the brand still brand new, only three products are currently available. With simple and sleek packaging, Blacknailed ($28) is a black eyeliner with a felt-style tip, designed to help control and accuracy. Blowtorch is a black compact bronzer, retailing at $35, promising a lightweight sun-kissed glow that will be waterproof. Lastly, Switchbox ($32) is a concealer palette that features 3 different colors to blend together to create your perfect shade. Enter Pronoun says that it is perfect for hiding those dark under eye circles, blemishes, facial hair, and even tattoos. When purchasing Switchbox, watch out for the numbers because just as the name implies, they've been switched to make number three the lightest and number one the darkest colors.

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