MAC Cosmetics Launches 65 Permanent Nail Shades

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MAC Cosmetics is known for their dependable makeup but has been relatively quiet in the nail polish department, previously only offering eight shades in its permanent collection. More often than not, when you found a color you fell in love with, it was a limited edition and disappeared before you realized it. Knowing the nail polish market is vast, MAC is launching a brand new line of 65 nail shades that they're hoping will dominate all other brands. 30 of the new shades, each retailing for $16, are already available in freestanding MAC stores and will arrive in department stores in August, with an international launch date in September.

MAC always strives to stay ahead of fashion trends and with the recent attention given to nail color and shape, especially vintage styles (like the reverse French manicure and pointed tips), it's the perfect time for the brand to establish themselves in the growing market. “We support hundreds of fashion shows and we were starting to see an increased emphasis on nails over the last few seasons,” says Guillaume Jesel, senior vice president of global marketing for MAC. “Nails are the fastest-growing segment of U.S. prestige makeup. The category is up 67 percent and is currently a $32 million dollar business in prestige. It is a category that has primarily been in the salon and mass channels in the U.S., so there is tremendous potential in the prestige space. Nail color is an affordable indulgence and women continue to trade up in it.”
Sometimes the lacquer name is more exciting than the color itself and MAC wasted no energy in giving their shades fun, flirty names. We especially like Sparks on Screen (a neat glittery red polish that is available online only), Midnight Tryst (a steely dark grey with pearl undertones that is sure to go with any outfit), and Nocturnelle (a polished deep black for those moody nights). If you're a fan of gels and nail art, any of the glitters and pigments can easily be combined with clear gels, giving you a wide array of gel color options.
MAC has also created two smaller collections, Fashion Sets and the online-only Ruffian collection. Fashion Sets features seven, three-piece mini collections of lipsticks, lipglass and nail colors based on the brand's best-selling lipstick shades (like Russian Red and Girl About Town). Fans can buy each of the three items separately or all together for $45.

The exclusive Ruffian collection ($24 each) was designed by New York's Brian Wolf and Claude Morais, offering three press-on nail designs for fingers and toes. The three color choices (Demilune's black and gold, Spectator's black and cream, and Demoiselle's pointed red and black) come in sets of 24 nails and can be shaped and painted over for customization.

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