Anti-Aging Skin Care by DECLÉOR PARIS

Everybody loves the summer sun and soaking up the rays, but the toll that it takes on our skin is not so desirable. With that said, luxury skin care brand DECLÉOR PARIS couldn’t have released an anti-aging collection at a better time. The cosmetic aromatherapy company uses natural ingredients in a new serum and cream collection to preserve and restore they body’s youthfulness. Who could say no to that?

Founded in 1974, DECLÉOR combines the passion and knowledge of a beautician, a doctor, a shiatsu teacher and an aromatherapist and physiotherapist to create the unique plant-based treatments that are available today. The company prides itself on practicing a holistic approach and producing a range of novel treatments and products that are 100 percent pure and natural, and their new Excellence de l’Age Body Collection follows suit.

The two-step program works together to create a long-lasting effect that complements, rather than combats, the natural aging process. It smoothes, firms, and nourishes the skin to both reduce and prevent aging, revealing an immediate and lasting radiance. The new collection includes Aromessence Excellence Youth Activator Body Serum and Excellence de l’Age Youth Revealing Body Cream.
The Aromessence Excellence Youth Activator Body Serum smoothes and nourishes the skin immediately. A 100ml bottle priced at $85 combines essential oils like frankincense, immortelle and Roman chamomile, along with plant oils like camellia, avocado, hazelnut, sweet almonds, plum kernel, and quinoa. The oils in this serum come together to provide anti-sagging, protection, and high nutrition. It limits water loss, allowing your skin to keep its healthy, dewy appearance. Finally, spilanthes extract from South Africa tones the skin to give it a more firm, and therefore younger appearance.
The Excellence de l’Age Youth Revealing Body Cream comes in a $99, 200 ml jar. It’s a silky, non-sticky cream that has a dry feel while improving elasticity, firming the skin, and providing instant and lasting hydration. This body cream uses many of the same oils as the Body Serum, but also includes manilkara extract and inca inchi plant oil, which activates cell renewal. Optimal results will be achieved if the body cream is used daily with the body serum.

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