Dior Cosmetics Goes for Gold With New Fall Shades

Photo Courtesy of Dior
Feeling especially fierce this fall? If so, luxury brand Dior has the ideal autumn makeup collection for you. Tap into your wild side with Golden Jungle, the newest makeup collection by the brand known for contemporary elegance. But don’t be too scared off by the name of the collection— unlike the bold hues featured in the label’s summer mix, this one consists of a welcome group of golden neutrals that will go well with your fall wardrobe.

The Golden Jungle Collection includes seven products that come in a variety of new shades— all of them staying within bronze and beige palettes. The most striking addition is probably the collection’s $70 self-titled eye shadow and lip gloss compact which is great for on-the-go beauty buffs. It includes three shades in matte, pearl, and iridescent textures that form a leopard spot pattern on the palette. A pale beige highlighter, a satin-like copper, and finally a dark brown accent shade are included. A single peachy lip color with gold shimmer is added in this compact to build a beautiful, neutral look.
Matching nail colors are another welcome piece to this collection. A trio of different shades complements each other but stand beautifully alone on your nails. The first, "Lumière Golden Light," is nude beige with flickers of metallic gold. Unlike other shimmer polishes that can leave a gritty surface, this one dries with an ultra-smooth finish. Next is “Amazonia,” a forest green shade with a dark grey base. Finally, “Bengale” is khaki with a bit of chocolate that results in a dark safari brown. Each of these $23 shades goes on smooth, even and glossy, with just one coat leaving a sheer look, and two resulting in opacity.
Finally, two new $30 Rouge Dior lip colors are beautiful additions to the 29 other sublime shades in Dior’s database. “Sahara Brown” is a shimmery tan that is a nice neutral to complement the autumn colors. “Wild Pink” is a pretty, pale rose-brown that is a welcome blush component to this mostly golden collection. Sahara Jungle also includes two more $59 five-color eye shadow palettes, two blush compacts at $42 each, and four new $34 Rouge Serum lip color treatments.

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