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Vegan Soaps and Soy Candles by Ebb & Flow NYC

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Photo Courtesy of Ebb & Flow New York City
If you keep up with fashion news, you already know that eco-friendly, organic, and unconventional products are all the rage. If you’re into this trend, then the items from Ebb & Flow are right up your alley. Created in New York City by Rupal Bhinda, the owner of the textile company One 16 Designs came up with her latest business concept after years of giving soap and candles as gifts to exclusive clients in the fashion industry. Now she's selling these items in both classic and unusual scents with a vegan formula.

The soaps made by Ebb & Flow are as luxe as they come: wrapped in linen paper and knotted with twine and dyed bouquets, the bars are made with a vegan, goat milk, and honey base — all by hand. They’re made with ingredients that act as a natural antiseptic, deodorant, and sunburn treatment all in one. For $18, choose from such heavenly scents as Citrus Cedar Rage, Lavender with Flowers, Amethyst, Honeysuckle & Aloe, Sweet Pea, Chamomile Neroli, Brown Sugar Fig, Bella Rosa, and Pom Pom Pear.

And if you want those scents to transcend further than just your bathtub, go for the special made soy candles. Each $36 candle comes in its own gift box in exotic scents like Amber Gris, Blackberry Tea, Plumeria, Honeysuckle, Tea Glove Sage Aloe, and Blood Orange. If you’re feeling extra generous or just need one more reason to relax and invigorate, indulge in a gift box set. For $48 you’ll get your choice of three soaps, and $55 will get you two soaps and a candle, all of which you can customize to receive your favorite scents.

To learn more, visit EbbAndFlowNYC.com.

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