New Trussardi Fragrance is The Heart of Milan

In 1911, Dante Trussardi, the original founding member of the luxury brand Trussardi Company, modestly started selling gloves in his small boutique in Milan. Last year, the Trussardi Company celebrated its first 100 years of existence. No small feat for a man with a humble vision selling galoshes out of a small store space. Now in 2012, the Trussardi Company, headed by Tomaso Trussardi has dramatically expanded its merchandise, to selling not just gloves, but luggage, handbags, accessories, as well as leather clothing — all of it meant to capture the heart and soul of Milan in its design and through its uniquely scented fragrances.

Since 1983, Trussardi has been aromatizing itself, and since 2005, they have put out over 25 fragrances. In 2012 a new fragrance named "Trussardi My Land For Men," has been created and is being prepared for worldwide consumption. Tomaso Trussardi is heading the campaign, and has even placed himself into the perfume's commercial, which he told WWD "was fun."

Alexandra Kosinski is the creator behind the bergamot and mandarin scent. What makes the fragrance a must have? At the heart of the scent lies, lavender, breezy calone and violet flowers over a base of cashmeran, vetiver, leather and tonka beans. To the layman it smells pretty good. To perfume aficionados who can appreciate all of its finely detailed aromas, it will probably smell better than good. Either way, the Trussardi Company’s longevity speaks for itself.

What is the Italian fragrance all about? According to Roberto Martone, president of the company which owns Trussardi fragrance, “It’s a product that originates from traditional artisan craftsmanship, the know-how that Trussardi built with its history and tradition.”

The European market will see and enjoy the fragrance by the end of this year, while the brand will release it locally in Italy at the end of September. Trussardi’s business men speculate that the top markets within Europe, namely Italy and Germany could realistically bring in 15-16 million euros over the span of next year, a sign that Trussardi might have a fashion juggernaut on its hands.

Trussardi, after 100 years of business, is renowned for being the leader of fashion and design and if success is any indicator of a long lasting future, the 200th year anniversary will be right around the corner.

Joseph Vasquez

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