330 Pounds Worth of YSL Lipstick on Display in Paris

Photo Courtesy of Palais de Tokyo
Do you ever think of your luxury makeup as a work of art? Love it so much that you want to frame it on a wall or put it behind glass in a museum? While most people would imagine these ideas in the figurative sense, Fabrice Hyber took his passion for makeup to a literal level. The artist put his love for luxury beauty on display by crafting a sculpture made of 330 pounds of Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture number one lipstick.

The sculpture called “1M3 de Beauté,” which translates to “One Cubic Meter of Beauty,” is on display at the Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris. The piece references a past work of Hyber’s, called “1M2,” which hangs on a wall in the same museum. That piece, as you may guess, is a 1-square-meter surface covered in lipstick. Both pieces are a part of Huber’s show called ”Matières Premierès,” (“Raw Materials”) which will run at the museum until January 7.

Explaining the choice of materials used in his newer creation, Hyber said that lipstick is a medium that can be underappreciated in its traditional tube form. On a larger scale, however, his audience is able to see the product in a new light. “It’s a material that is very supple, lipstick, especially in a large quanitity,” the artist told WWD. “The material permanently moves. It is a work that is never finished, which is always evolving. It’s a living oeuvre.”

So how did Hyber choose the Yves Saint Laurent formula, of all the lipsticks out there? He feels his work correlates with that of the designer’s fashion, which mixed masculine and feminine elements. And of course, the brand’s impeccable rouge hue was ideal for Hyber’s project. “It needed to be a red that is very vivid, very present,” he said.

Nicolle Keogh

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