The Ultimate Grooming Products for Men

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A new trend in the world of luxury beauty products suggests that even if they try to deny it, men actually do care what they look like. But they have nothing to be shy about, because we commend men who put thought and consideration into their appearance, and a solid beauty— or grooming— routine is a large part of that. Those of you who haven’t yet dipped your toes into the world of men’s luxury grooming products, have no fear— men’s lines don’t consist of the same fruity, floral items as their female counterparts, though they will leave you feeling clean and refreshed. To help you get started on your own routine, we rounded up three of today’s top grooming products for men.

TAUN Small Batch Men’s Skin Care

TAUN is a new luxury skincare line geared specifically towards men. The folks at TAUN know that men want a product that’s made with their gender-specific needs in mind— that’s why the products are made by men for men. Andrew Hunt and Tom Devine launched the Brooklyn-based brand after turning 30 and realizing that the men’s grooming market lacked high-end anti-aging formulas. So the guys took matters into their own (rugged) hands and TAUN was born. Photo Courtesy of TAUN USA
Launched in the last year, TAUN already has an impressive item suited for the well-groomed man. The brand’s flagship product was released in February and is meant to reduce the signs of aging in men. The Facial Repair Formula is packed with an array of 13 dermatologist-approved, anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients. Retinol, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin-C esters, peptides, jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil inhibit and repair the effects of aging caused by life’s curveballs. At $79 for a 50 ml. bottle, the Facial Repair Formula will renew your skin from the stresses that come from caring for a newborn or the unintended sun damage after years of playing 18 holes on the weekend. Photo Courtesy of TAUN USA
REX Skin Care

We know that if there’s one thing men can’t deal with, it’s fuss and hassle— no matter what kind of product we’re talking about. The grooming items by Rex Skin Care are simple to use but powerful, meaning no elaborate, over the top regimen is needed. The main motivation behind the Rex Skin Care line is to naturally enhance a man’s appearance by boosting his inner confidence. That, of course, happens when one has skin that is taken care of and healthy. Photo Courtesy of REX Skin Care

The line of easy-to-use grooming products by Rex are scientifically formulated to combat the effects that stress, age, sun damage, and other environmental factors have on your skin. Because the folks at Rex know that not every many wants to throw jars of beauty creams in their gym bags, the brand creatively and uniquely packages its products in cigar tubes to make them portable, convenient and discreet. Better yet, the products come in small portions, which doesn’t just mean they’re handy, it also ensure that the formulas remain fresh and effective.

The Elite Collection contains all three of the brand’s products in a vintage-inspired cigar box and a hand-crafted black leather and cedar-lined cigar case. It includes the Vitamin C Moisturizer, a lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula that helps protect skin from harsh environmental damage. The Matte Finish Serum is a fast-acting product that repairs the look of uneven skin. Its silica shells quickly absorb excess oils and eliminate facial shine when applied to spot areas or over the entire face. Also included is the Instant Impact light concealer, whose vitamin-rich formula locks in moisture while eliminating under-eye circles and other unwanted problems. The all-encompassing collection is available for $250.
Molton Brown

Finally, the folks at Molton Brown bring men the ultimate in grooming accessories: a luxury shaving brush and razor set. The brand that brings us ladies all of our beloved body lotions, hair products, and scented candles gives our male counterparts expertly-crafted shaving accessories that provide optimal shaving results— cause we know that when it comes to bringing a blade anywhere close to your face, it’s not something you want to be compromised. The razor has a weighted chrome-plated handle and disposable Gillette Fusion razor heads— with five regular blades and an extra for precision jobs included. Photo Courtesy of Molton Brown

The kit’s brush is surely the man’s dream grooming tool. Made from pure, top quality silvertip badger bristles from Germany, the brush includes a sleek chrome-plated handle and a “flared” bristle load that allows the brush to hold a large amount of water. It’s this water retention capacity that allows the brush to create well-formed shaving lather quickly and easily. All in all, treating yourself to this kind of routine on a daily basis minimizes common shaving discomforts including razor burn, ingrown hairs and nicks and cuts— and we all know those are things we could use a little less of in our lives.

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