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Ivanka Trump Expands Brand With a Scent for the Modern Woman

Jan. 22nd, 2013 | Comments 1 | Make a Comment   
Photo Courtesy of Ivanka Trump
When you think of the woman of today, what qualities come to mind? For us, it’s a driven and motivated woman who is constantly multitasking between work and play. She may be married, she may have a family, and she probably stands on her own two feet thanks to all the hard work she puts into her career. So what does today’s modern woman need to complete her look and conquer her day? A luxury fragrance that mimics her lifestyle, of course. You may not be surprised that Ivanka Trump is the very lady who aims to provide you with such a product.

Trump’s first scent is an embodiment of the versatile woman who wears multiple hats. An entrepreneur, designer, wife, and mother all in one, Trump designed this fragrance to be as adaptable as the modern woman. And men, take note: while flowers are a nice gesture, put a little more effort into expressing your love to your forward-thinking, multitasking, and above all, stylish woman. She wants a fragrance that can take her from day to evening, boardroom to black tie event, and of course, from work to play.

Enter IVANKA TRUMP. The floral oriental fragrance opens with a sensual blend of sparkling Italian bergamot, lush apple and pink peppercorn. Base notes include golden amber, creamy vanilla, patchouli and smooth cedar wood, and a lush fragrant bouquet of jasmine, rose and peach blossom lies at the middle. The complex formula results in an evocative scent that is meant to create a powerful and lasting impression.

Price points are $62 for a 1.7-oz. eau de parfum, $78 for a 3.4-oz. bottle, and $35 for a 6-oz. body lotion version. Available in February, the bottle is expected by industry sources to generate $15 million in U.S. retail sales in its first year on the counter.
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Darien-Mary Covalt commented on January 24, 2013

If I were to think of one woman ....today.....I would love to have lunch with and share a conversation with, it would be you Ivanka Trump. Your father did a great job raising you and your mother as well, I'm sure. But most importantly, I see a woman and have listened to a woman that has a great sense of mind. You are clearly present in all conversation and you have input to contribute in a way I would hope any woman could do. Unfortunately, most American woman are highly insecure in their ability's. I once heard a young woman say " that actor was not casted right because the book I read and the image I imagine was a tall..."bad-ass" man in the script. And I so wanted to correct her in the most humble way....."a badass" is an adjective word,. it is descriptive of a noun. "My sister-in-law had a "bad-ass" kitchen". It was so dis-heartening to realize the lack of depth and precision in the young woman today. You are a refreshing voice of reason and sound. I LOVE your Dad's show of Celebrity Apprentice. I have come to appreciate you as a voice to listen to . I once told my husband..."listening to her is like music to my ears" I had finally found a woman that not only had an opinion but was so tactfully mastered. Just wanted to let you know what an exception you are. I hope your daughter has all your internal qualities, and your looks. Love your whole family by the way, what a pleasure and accomplishment you are in todays world! That's it.

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