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Health & Beauty: There are some things money can't buy, but Dior Beauty is bringing us one step closer to removing a youthful, wrinkle-free visage from that list with its new L'Or de Vie (Gold of Life) anti-aging skincare system.

Launched in December 2006, L'Or de Vie is derived from the vines of the venerable Chateau d'Yquem. Château d'Yquem's Premier Cru Supérieur dessert wines are wold-renowned for their exceptional longevity ; in 2006 a 135-year "vertical" (containing every vintage from 1860 to 2003) was sold at auction in London for $1.5 million.

Dior has extracted a unique composition of 10 antioxidant and regenerating molecules contained in the sap of the shoots of the Yquem vines. The L'Or de Vie collection comprises three separate items : L'Extrait, La Crème and La Crème Yeux (Extract, Cream and Eye Cream).

L'Extrait - 15mL ($370)
The Extract is the lightest formulation in the collection. The sheer, lightweight gel moisturizer is perfect for day wear under makeup. A small amount goes a very long way; two pumps of the dispenser (smaller than a dime in the palm) is generally sufficient to cover both the face and the neck. Never forget the importance of applying anti-aging products to the neck and décolletage! Too few women realize that these areas generally receive as much sun exposure as the face and can exhibit similar signs of aging. Nothing worse than a serenely smooth brow with a crepey, wrinkly neck! The scent is quite subtle, and skin immediately feels softer and takes on a "plumper," healthier radiance. If you can only afford one product in the L'Or de Vie collection, L'Extrait is worth every penny. One bottle lasts approximately 3 months.

La Crème Yeux - 15mL ($195)
Unlike many other eye cream formulations, L'Or De Vie has managed to come up with a richly moisturizing formula that isn't oily or sticky. Undereye circles, puffiness and dryness are noticeably reduced within the first week of use. Excellent for amerliorating that haggard, sleep deprived look that tends to entrench itself over time.

La Crème - 15mL ($350)
La Crème provides powerful day moisturization for dry skin, and can be used overnight by all skin types. The cream absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue, so no need to fear for your linens! As with the other L'Or de Vie products, the cream's scent is very light and pleasant, and it quickly fades from notice.

Travel Set ($215)
The collection is also available for purchase in a TSA carry-on friendly travel set which includes all three products.

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