Top Five Summer Hair Tips by Jet Rhys

Health & Beauty: Summer is fast approaching, and if you plan on being out in the heat and humidity, or plan on taking a plunge in a chlorine-filled pool, you can expect your hair to take quite a beating. During the summer months, give your locks some extra TLC with these five helpful tips from Jet Rhys, an expert hair stylist who has created chic runway looks for some of the world's top actresses, models, and other A-list celebs.
1. Skip all the heat appliances for the summer. This is a great to trick to give your hair style in a healthy fun way. First, wash your hair and condition. Let air dry until hair is 75% dry. Finger comb Davine’s de Stress Yogurt Buffer Gel. It is specially formulated to apply on damp/dry hair that provides a barrier from sun, chlorine, salt water and harsh pool chemicals. Working in sections, wrap your hair around TUBE SOCKS!! Wrap halfway up your hair and tie the two ends and go to bed. When you wake up untie the socks and shake, shake, shake your hair.

2. If your hair seems to be suffering from a little dryness or it lacks luster you can add a few drops of sesame oil (it has a natural UV protector) to the ends of your hair before you hit the pool or the beach. Nothing will fade your beautiful hair color faster than the sun, salt and pool chemicals.

3. Try herbal tea rinses for the hair. Use lemon or chamomile for blonde's, strong black tea for brunette or black hair and red singer for red heads. This is so easy to do. Boil one gallon of water, add four tea bags for 3 to 5 minutes. Let cool to room temp. After shampooing and conditioning place a large bowl in the sink and lean over it, flipping your hair over your head. Pour the tea over your head letting it trip into the bowl. Fasten your ends in a clip and place a shower cap on your head. Let sit for ten minutes. Shampoo and condition.

4. How can you keep your hair looking great when it’s very hot and humid? This trick is for curly haired clients. Rinse with cool water, it closes the hair cuticle and helps smooth the hair. Take a small amount of de-frizz serum from roots to end. Next, twirl sections of hair around your finger and let air dry. For straight hair, brush your hair in a high pony tail and leave it alone until it’s dry. When you take it out you’ll have soft smooth waves.

5. Not only does a braid look chic for summer it also keeps your hair contained tightly from harsh rays from the sun. Shampoo & condition and add a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen to protect the hair from the sun’s harsh rays. Fasten with a snag free elastic band. An extra bonus: your hair will look fabulous for the party after the sun goes down. Take the braid out and shake your hair. Beautiful, instant waves without the fuss.

Jet Rhys

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