The Luxe List: Herban Renewal Offers Bath & Body Bliss

Health & Beauty: When Herban Renewal launched in 1996, its goal was to create a distinctive line of Earth-friendly personal care products utilizing all-natural, top-quality ingredients right from the garden. They blended the freshest, most fragrant herbs and botanicals, the most healing and moisturizing vegetable oils and the purest sea salts and combined them in unique, proprietary formulations to bring their customers the best Mother Nature has to offer in bath and body products. Today, Herban Renewal has grown to offer multiple products and lines that boast only the finest natural ingredients — and, understandably, a loyal following!

The company's indulgent, enviro-friendly products, made in West Texas by mentally and physically challenged adults, are also socially conscious — steeped in love, opportunity and possibility. Special friends at Disabilities Resources, Inc. in Abilene, Texas where Herban Renewal is based have been happily employed by the company for over a decade. Love and Care Ministries, a homeless outreach in Abilene, Texas, benefit from Herban Renewal's lotions, washes and soaps as does The Noah Project, a battered woman's shelter. A portion of each lavender bath salt sold is also donated to Cancer Services Network.

Herban Renewal offers a myriad of fabulous bath and body care products, including four distinctive lines:

Herban Renewal, the company's flagship line, offers a range of luxurious and sophisticated bath items for women, including sumptuous herbal soaps, lotions, salts and dusts made with only the freshest and most fragrant herbs, the finest vegetable oils and the purest sea salt.

Arcelia is the company's other ladies line that has a younger chic and trendy sensibility. From body washes to scrubs to dusts to lotions, Arcelia makes Earth-friendly sunny, sassy and sexy! All in hand-picked, unique containers that look almost as good on your shelf as the insides do on you.

Livi.Lu.Lu is a cost competitive line of skin nourishing products for adolescent "tween" girlie girls, including lotions, body washes, and lip balm. Livi's motto is "Pretty Is as Pretty Does," knowing that being pretty on the outside starts when your heart is filled with love and kindness on the inside.

Sweet Cheeks is a line of pampering products for babies. Lovingly created with a mild scent as fresh as a baby, Sweet Cheeks precious products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients to protect an infant's sensitive skin.

Herban Renewal also offers these additional items for adults and children:

"Fish'n" and "Hunt'n" Lather
— Now even "manley men" can scour away the day's fishing and hunting expedition with this 100% natural soap with a hefty lather. A touch of anise oil disguises that not-so-pleasant "human scent."

Twinkle Toes Body Dust is an ALL-natural, ALL-pink, ALL-glittery powder for dancers, those who like to imagine they're dancers, and all other girlie girls who love to shimmer. Sprinkle in shoes, bags or all over your body for a stylish sparkle that will enhance any ensemble. Twinkle toes is talc-free, of course. The scent: pirouette peppermint.

Shoo! Monster (anti-boogeyman) dusts. OK, how cute is this? No more bedtime tears or fears. Sprinkle Shoo! Monster Dust around beds, under beds & in closets to SCARE those monsters & things that go bump in the night AWAY! 100% Natural.

Herban Renewal's gift-worthy products are sold online at, and in offline in specialty boutiques nationwide. Check them out — your skin will be ever-so-thankful!

- Merilee Kern
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