Jul. 13th, 2010

Envyderm: Naturally Long, Luxe Lashes

Beauty & Health: Long lashes are hard to come by, as any woman who has spent a lifetime experimenting with mascara knows. Really long eyelashes come with a high price tag and a long waiting period, but Envyderm eyelash serum from creator Nadia Smith takes away the wait and the price tag.

Originally from Morocco, Nadia says, "Moroccan women are known for having beautiful eyes, and sometimes that is all you see. I, myself never had naturally long lashes, so I wanted to find a product that could help them."

With the latest peptide technology and all natural ingredients, Envyderm produces faster results than its prescription counterpart. After two weeks, Envyderm yields, longer thicker lashes, while the prescription brand takes months to show effects. As a bonus, the product is designed to last up to 5 months, considerably longer than the prescription brand.

With a charming giggle, Nadia reveals that, "some users have found that their lashes get so long, they need to trim them." Envyderm is available online and is introducing a browlash serum as well as a mascara to compliment the eyelash serum.
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