Aug. 9th, 2010

Laura Lobdell Nail Polish Celebrates Color of Paris

Health & beauty: New York-based Laura Lobdellis a free-spirited jewelry designer with a brand new polish hue that celebrates the city of Paris.

Laura Lobdell 183 is available exclusively from Laura Lobdell, inspired by the lacquered blue doors of Paris. The metallic blue shade is made to be worn with precious metal. Luckily, Laura Lobdell jewelry offers plenty of that.

Laura Lobdell transforms everyday objects into attention grabbing unique pieces of jewelry made out of precious jewelry. Look for Guitar Picks, MatchSticks, Champagne Rings, Bubbles Royale (Bubble Wand), Skipping Stones and Pull Tabs amongst the cluttered pages of the website and at the Greenwich Village boutique.

The specially made nail polish is a great summer color and looks good with many of Laura Lobdell's pieces, especially those from the intricately woven Seeds of Silk collection. It can be found online at the New York store location.
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