Dec. 10th, 2011

Celebrity Engagement Rings | Kate Middleton, Hilary Duff and More

Photos Courtesy of Celebuzz
Just because not all Hollywood weddings last doesn't mean we can't stop and appreciate the engagement rings that adorned the fingers of A-list celebrities. While the number of karats, the kind of jewels, and the cost may vary, we can all agree that 'bigger is better' in Tinseltown and all that shines is gold...or platinum.

While Kate Middleton's engagement ring was a family heirloom, other celebrity spouses (or now ex-spouses) spent big bucks to give their ladies a diamond as big as their future wives' fame. Christina Aguilera's five karat sparkler (above) cost a reported $114,000, while Khloe Kardashian-Odom's 12.5 karat engagement ring cost around $850,000.

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This 17 karat diamond ring cost $2.5 million

14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire that would cost around $150,000 in today's market

Cost $1 million
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