Diamonds By Kristin Hanson Amaze With Brilliant, Rare Colors

Kristin Hanson Jewelry

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Hanson
Jewelry by Kristin Hanson reflects the harnessing of beauty and the transformation of luxury accessories into a wearable art form. In 2007 Hanson’s pieces won her the Couture Award as one of the country’s top designers. After studying in Italy, she returned to New York where she began working out of her Brooklyn apartment, launching her first collection at Bergdorf Goodman. Hanson maintains her high caliber of work by using classical European goldsmith techniques and only the finest gems in her pieces.

Most specifically, this talented designer uses natural color diamonds, which are some of the most sought after, expensive jewels in the world. Their naturally vibrant hue is a result of being formed deep within the earth’s surface after billions of years. Hanson takes great care in choosing only the highest quality gems to be featured in her collections. The precious stones are cut by expertly trained jewelers, which highlight their brilliance and tone.
Natural diamonds come in colors of pink, green, blue, purple, yellow, champagne, brown, orange, and red. The Argyle Pink Diamonds are Hanson’s signature, sourced from an Australian fair-trade mine. Collectors and investors around the world seek Hanson’s work for her consistent dedication to beautiful design and impeccable quality. Hanson creates jewelry for both men and women, featuring a broad range of products that include cuff links, money clips, buckles, wedding bands, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and much more.
In 2006 Hanson founded the Fine Jewelry School, which has quickly become one of the fastest growing international design schools of its kind. In conjunction with Aksyon, a flagship news station that broadcasts from the Philippines, Hanson and the Fine Jewelry School helped to build a program that aided efforts in Haiti. Her dedication won Hanson the VIV Magnificent Woman Humanitarian Award in October 2011.

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