Costume Jewelry by MAWI London Defies Fashion Trends

Photo Courtesy of MAWI London
If there’s one trend we keep seeing over and over in the new fall collections, I’d say it’s Victorian—almost gothic-themed—luxury costume jewelry. However, even though Mawi London’s Fall 2012 line follows suit, the European jewelry house has been a fan of this style for years; even going so far as to defiantly categorize its pieces into the two collections, “Fine Costume” and “Heirloom.” The brand’s line for this fall includes pieces that go into both of these groups.

Mawi’s Fine Costume Collection is a fashion-forward, groundbreaking version of statement jewelry that explores different types of materials and new techniques. Clearly defying the “rules” of jewelry design, these pieces are inspired by architecture, sculpture, and industrial and futuristic forms. Always a focus on high end luxury, the jewelry in the Fine Costume Collection pushes the boundaries of traditional aesthetics and, as a result, creates exemplary pieces which inevitably become collector’s items.
All of Mawi’s pieces avoid trends in order to appeal to consumers of all ages and tastes. Ultimately, the collections transcend time and become pieces that look as though they could have come from the past, present, or even the future. Pieces in the newest Fine Costume Collection that represent this mantra include the Cobra Chain Bangle, which is plated with either rose gold or hematite and features textures around the entire bangle. For $415, it is set with ruby and emerald colored crystal gems and spikes.
The Dynasty Fuchsia Triple Cluster Necklace may be Mawi’s most elegant piece yet. This nearly $500 beauty features a silver chain necklace with three fuchsia crystals. The detail in this piece is stunning— notice the box chain that hugs the inner strand of beads and gems. The webbing of the black, green, and grey stones in between the three large crystals is intricate and looks like it could have been inspired by a secret garden or spider web.
The Heirloom Collection, on the other hand, looks back into Britain’s history to take inspiration from vintage and estate jewels, family heirlooms, and royal and historical influences. The aim of the Heirloom Collection is to make its pieces just that— treasures that can be cherished now and then be passed on through future generations. A new piece to this collection includes the $647 Panther Bangle, a textured gold-plated bracelet with a surrounding panther head design. This fine piece is embossed with ruby colored crystals and is centered with a large emerald colored gem.
The nearly $300 Leaf Motif and Oval Gemstone Earrings are just as exquisite, featuring large, oval-cut emerald colored stones that are surrounded by smaller crystals.

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