Sparkling Diamond Jewelry with Brazilian Flare by BRUMANI

Photo Courtesy of Brumani
BRUMANI is the exotic diamond jewelry brand by two hard-working brothers that have a vision of creating one-of-a-kind pieces fit for the different moments of the contemporary woman’s life. A combination of colored gems and strategic alignment create a mirage of fluid movement, as these pieces are meant to embody all the liveliness, spontaneity and joy of the Brazilian culture.

Eduardo and Emerson Brüner are third-generation Brazilians, thanks to their Italian and German grandparents who immigrated to the country more than a century ago. It was no surprise when they created the BRUMANI brand in 2005, as their father founded a jewelry workshop more than 40 years ago. Born into the jewelry business, the brothers have always had the vision of cultivating the tradition, culture, and know-how of European jewelry with the vivacity and spontaneity of the Brazilians. Today, the Brüner brothers are enjoying the results of hard work and dedication, as their jewelry can be seen on many of today’s stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Burke, and Maria Sharapova, among others.
Their latest collection called Confetti & Streamers takes inspiration from a Brazilian tradition, the Brazilian carnival, which originated in the Parisian and Roman bourgeoisie and was brought to Brazil by European immigrants in the late 19th Century. This line of jewelry intertwines multicolored pink and yellow sapphires and rose quartz with 18-karat rose gold.
These $27,546 Brumani earrings feature rose gold with round diamonds, pink quartz and pink tourmaline. We love the symmetry of these earrings, and what makes them really special is that they are designed for individual ears. The dripping stones are so delicately set that they take on an almost lacey appearance as they dangle from the ear.
This $13,552 bracelet sports 18k rose gold with round diamonds, rose quartz, and yellow and pink sapphires. The colors of the stones in this bracelet are delicate and light, making it a lovely statement piece to a summer ensemble.

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