Vicariously Wrestle Reptiles with Burberry's "The Britain" Watch

As are many Burberry products, the new unisex watch line “The Britain” is inspired by that wardrobe staple: the trench coat. You may ask yourself what exactly a luxury watch like that would look like. Well, Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey of Burberry designed the watch to be timeless yet modern. He told WWD that the watch is an example of “Craftsmanship…wrapped in functionality and innovation”. So basically, much like the trench coat, it's useful both functionally and aesthetically.

Due to the somewhat boring nature of the timepiece’s inspiration, the trench coat, it is no surprise that the creators felt the need to add glow-in-the-dark hands for a little excitement. If you are “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing over your glowing watch for extended periods of time however, it is likely you will need something that is shock and scratch-resistant, and Burberry thought of that too, graciously covering the face in sapphire crystal.

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Sally Farris

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