Elaborate Cartier Collection Makes its Dazzling Debut in Paris

Cartier Presentation at 26th Biennale des Antiquaires

Photo Courtesy of Cartier
An astonishing new collection by luxury jewelry brand Cartier made its debut at the 26th Biennale des Antiquaires which was held from September 14-23 in Paris. “Dépaysement,” which translates to “Change of Scenery,” is a 148-piece collection that includes four themes that correspond with different universes and landscapes. Twelve precious objects are included in the dazzling collection, as well as five High Jewellery watches.

The first theme of the bunch is called “Urban Landscape,” whose radical designs give it a modern look. Architectural and geometric references give movement to this theme— though the pieces sport taut and rigid lines, the spectacular diamonds still create illusions and other optical effects. The expert craftsmanship and innovation can be seen in the jeweler’s heavy use of white gold, platinum, diamonds and onyx, but we do see a splash of color in a few of the pieces thanks to stones like sapphires and lavender amethysts.
Pieces from the “Luxuriant Landscape” theme certainly live up to their name. This sect of the collection was inspired by a garden, visible through the use of vivid color palettes that take on a wide variety of three-dimensional forms. Turtles, salamanders, snakes and panthers represent Cartier’s love for animals. This theme largely employs rubies and diamonds to create intense bursts of warming red, but sapphires, rubies, emeralds, onyx, and brilliants are also present to create the garden-like imagery.
The “Solar Landscape” includes a palette of warm golden brown to create sandy and ochre hues. A calmness takes over the viewer, created by the subtle colors and round, concentric stones of the jewelry. Dragonflies, butterflies, snakes and tigers inhibit this landscape, and they are justly represented through the use of white gold, brown, orange and yellow diamonds, brilliants and yellow sapphires. Platinum, nephrite jade, green and fuchsia sapphires, onyx, emeralds, and natural pearls are also present in this theme.
Finally, the “Boreal Landscape” takes us to a northern environment, ample with snow crystal designs inspired by the aurora borealis. The cool color palette is made of blues and whites with the use of rock crystals, blue-tinged chalcedony, sapphires, aquamarine stones, and natural pearls. Those animals that you’d find in the poles, such as bears, tigers, and penguins, are also found in Cartier’s “Boreal Landscape.”

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